The origins of St. Matthew’s House trace back to May 1964. On May 27, 1964, St. Matthew’s Church, along with six other Anglican parishes, opened a store-front in the inner city of Hamilton to counsel and provide help of any kind to those in need. It was called the Compass.

Tragically, on January 10, 1966, St. Matthew’s Church was engulfed by fire. After this disastrous event, the fate of St. Matthew’s Church was in the air. One suggestion was to transition St. Matthew’s into a downtown mission.

Eventually, the St. Matthew’s Church property was sold and some of the money was used to purchase the old Salvation Army Citadel on Barton Street. In 1967, St. Matthew’s House opened its doors at 414 Barton Street East and assumed the work of the Compass. The new organization was named St. Matthew’s House.

St. Matthew’s House is lucky to have a piece of history in its building, with the beautiful stained glass windows from St. Matthew’s Church installed on the second floor.

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